Mad Men Season 4, Episode 3: The Good News
  • Don: I could tell the minute she saw who I really was, she'd never want to look at me again..which is why I never told her
  • Anna: Oh Dick, I'm sorry she broke your heart.
  • Don: I had it coming.
"The only thing that is keeping you from being happy is the belief that you are alone"
— Anna Draper - Man Men Season 2: Episode 12 “The Mountain King”
Some peace of mind.
"Teddy told me that in Greek, nostalgia is literally the pain from an old wound."
— Donald Draper - Mad Men Season 1: Episode 13 The Wheel


lol at the people that hashtag their selfies with #hot, #sexy haha oh & of course the picture of their beer along with the hashtag #drunk

First thing I’ll do before heading to school:

Buy a pack of 27’s

Andrew Rayel - Live @ A State Of Trance 600 Beirut (09.03.2013)

i cri everi tyme.

"All that I need is this moment, To send me away with a smile on my face."

Something about this song, gets me every single time.

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I’ve never blacked out like that before :o


Andy Moor & Betsie Larkin - Love Again (Andrew Rayel Remix)

oh andrew..

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